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Issued Magazine c/o Tina Vartanian was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With a vision to be and maintain the shift in editorial as we speak, in the present, past and future. Profoundly, Gen Z, the next rising generation adores individuality, inclusivity, diversity, and societal awareness. This tech savvy generation echoes the development of change, the change referenced in a 2008 Presidential Speech by Barack Obama, now a significant pop culture reference.

With a digital first focus, Issued Magazine creates the first editorial that you can watch, read and have a physical copy of. In November of 2022, Issued Magazine hosted their first Metaverse event in Spatial IO on the History of First Lady Fashion. In February 2023, Issued collaborated with AI artist, Rick Dick to create a Metaverse Museum exhibition, based on the idea of what a future President would look like in AI.

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